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What is Detoxification?


Detoxification or detox for short is the name given to the amazingly complex process that happens naturally in our bodies every day to get rid of toxins. Toxins are substances that are harmful to our bodies. They may come from the body’s natural metabolic processes, the food we eat, the water we drink, the contents of the bowel and the air we breathe.


Any substance that builds up in the body causing harm to our cells is referred to as a toxin. Natural body chemicals that result from everyday metabolism are normally broken down by the body and safely excreted. If they build up because of some breakdown in the detox system then they can become toxic to our cells.


For our purposes the word detoxification is simply a long word for clearing out your body systems. It is a process that stimulates and supports organs of the body that are involved in detoxification. These are the liver, the intestines, the kidneys, the lymph and skin.  


Detoxification is not a new healing fad. Techniques for cleansing the body have been used as the basis of improving health by different cultures for thousands of years. In Europe detoxification practices are offered by mainstream doctors in health spas and considered to be valid medical therapy.  


Our body’s ability to deal with toxins depends on our inherited weaknesses, lifestyles, and environmental exposure. There is no doubt that toxins are injurious to our health and that our susceptibility to disease bears a direct relationship to our ability to detoxify.  


Detox programs aim to remove the cause of disease before we get sick. But they can also be used to improve our health. No matter what health problem or disease you suffer from a properly devised scientific detox program can help.  


There are many types of detox diets, plans and programs. There are many things on the market that are sold as one or two day detox aids and quick fix diets but they are unlikely to make any significant difference. A regular 10 or more days detox program done 2 or 3  times a year can make a big difference to our health and quality of our lives. 


Serious health problems can be improved with longer and more individualised programs. Sophisticated tests have been devised to reveal problems in liver detox pathways as well as levels and types of toxicity.  


Of course most detox diets are likely to be better for your health because they are encouraging a better diet. Detox diets eliminate junk foods, processed foods, unhealthy fats and foods that are hard to digest and clog up our systems. 


The best detox programs include specific foods and nutritional supplements known to support and enhance the detoxification pathways in the body. They would involve stimulating all the organs of detoxification to encourage the speedy and safe removal of toxins. After a cleanse it is best to keep to a healthy but realistic plan for life.  


There is no doubt that a well planned scientifically based detox can work wonders for the body.

Try it!  


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